LAWA – The Parallax View (LP/CD Set coloured vinyl)


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LAWA is the acronym for the duo of Austrian soundtrack wizards Alain Leonard and Alex Wank. Once again they are honouring the world of film music in their idiosyncratic, very personal way. After their first Cineploit release, „Omaggio a Lucio Fulci and Fabio Frizzi“ (Exploit 02, 2012, Vinyl only) and the follow up, „Omaggio a Riz Ortolani“ (Exploit 06, 2015, Vinyl only) LAWA now takes a ride through the furthest reaches of ’70s and ’80s French and Italian cinema. From Michel Colombier, Michel Legrand and Jacques Revaux to Alessandro Alessandroni, Daniele Patucchi, Nico Catanese and G & M de Angelis, every base is covered. And, of course, not to forget the Master of them all: Ennio Morricone (RIP).

These very special tracks have been renewed in LAWA’s dark electronic style, proving without a doubt the high-level craft of the composers extraordinaire that created them. Some versions are close to the original, but others have acted as springboards for new ideas and creations. This release is probably LAWA’s final reinterpretation of classic obscure film scores, as Messrs Leonard and Wank are creating more and more of their own atmospheric soundtrack music for documentaries, shorts and feature films – hopefully soon to be released via Cineploit as well. Now take a deep dive into this dark ride through European cinema, brought to you in the inimitable LAWA way!

LP 180g colored Vinyl lim. 300 copies (200 +CD)


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