LAWA – Omaggio a Riz Ortolani (col. LP)


19.90   (LP)

After their successful Lucio Fulci/Fabio Frizzi/Walter Rizzati Tribute Alain Leonard and Alex Wank continue to pay homage to one of the greatest italian Composers of all time – RIZ ORTOLANI. Again they cover music from Ortolani close to the originals but with their own electronic approach. It sounds like Ortolani in a heavy electronic synth and sampler orgy but keeping the dramatic and sad feel these tunes have.
On this record music to following films is featured: „Cannibal Holocaust“ by Ruggero Deodato, „The new Gladiators aka Rome 2033 – The Fighter Centurions” by Lucio Fulci, “Zeder” by Pupi Avati, “I have fear” and “Confessions of a police commissioner” by Damiano Damiani and “Day of Anger” by Tonino Valerii.

• The return of Alain Leonard (of Electronic Industrial Act ON/OFF CORPORATION) & Alex Wank (formerly PUNGENT STENCH) with another homage to the truly brilliant Composer RIZ ORTOLANI
• 7 Cover Versions of Italian Cult movies by Lucio Fulci, Damiano Damiani, Pupi Avati, Tonino Valerii and Ruggero Deodato
• For all fans of cinematic music & soundtracks, especially those devoted to the great Italian Composers
• 500 copies limited 2 colour 180g Vinyl
• Printed Innersleeves with Poster Artwork and stills of all movies featured
• Outstanding and very visual sleeve artwork, one side of Cannibal Holocaust, other Fulci´s Fighter Centurions
• No CD release!

LP, 180g black/white marbled vinyl, printed innersleeves with loads of movie stills.



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