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Thelema was founded in summer 1994 with the goal to produce independent sound compositions. Hans Jürgen, musician and sound engineer, places his main focus on the different tone qualities of the instruments and uses variety as a means of expression for each song he creates. An hypnotic sound with a distinct film soundtrack atmosphere has developed over the years. The passionate film music enthusiast was strongly influenced by the musical soundtracks just like “Videodrome”, “Suspiria” or “Twin Peaks”.

The broad musical spectrum of Hans Jürgen can be seen in his involvement with bands like STURMPERCHT (Steinklang Rec.), SOULSEARCH (Last Episode Rec.), MAGDALENA (Ahnstern Rec.), OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US (Psychdoomelic Records/Totem Records) and various theater projects in the past.

In addition in creating his own music he produces, mixes and records diverse projects in his own Klangschmiede Norikum.

On one of his many visits to Iceland Hans Jürgen was personally introduced to the master of Iceland Epic Song (Rimur), Steindor Andersen (SIGUR ROS, HILMAR ÖRN HILMARSON) Their enthusiasm for making music together culminated in the previous album  “Eldur og is” (Steinklang Rec.) which represents a perfect soundtrack for a tour around Iceland.

The new album “Hearing the Light” was inspired during a recording session with Steindor Andersen and explores new musical territory. A virtual Soundtrack mixing Film Noir with 60’s and 70’s Euro Trash.

Europloitation music for the modern age in it’s present state!

• Easy Listening, a mix of ambient & hypnotic lounge music
• Urban Soundtrack feeling from the 60’s & 70’s
• Musical Network reaching as far as Iceland
• feat. Steindor Andersen! (Sigur Ros, HÖH etc)


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