Pan/Scan – Kosmonauter (LP/CD Set)


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Four years on from the debut album “Cinematic Lies”, the second release from SOSPETTO founder Christian Rzechak under the PAN/SCAN alias is heading your way. Inspired by old-school synthesizer soundscapes of the Berlin or Düsseldorf school, but with an atmospheric modern feel added, KOSMONAUTER is a pure electronic science fiction soundtrack to guide your dreams. Reminders of composers such as Jóhann Jóhannsson, Cliff Martinez or Steve Moore are quite intentional. The
fusion of retro-futurism and contemporary electro-ambient innovations takes you on an exhilarating aural trip into the darkest, furthest reaches of infinite space!

Who is the KOSMONAUTER? What is his mission? Does he defend us against danger or is he a threat himself? The six tracks on the album tell a story, but where this journey goes is up to the listener. The track titles hint at the true meaning, but who can interpret them? The KOSMONAUTER will invade your head; and, maybe, you will lose your mind…The KOSMONAUTER: Redemption or Apocalypse?

LP 180g black Vinyl lim. 200 copies (50 +CD)


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