It’s Only a Game

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This compilation is far from what you usually expect of classic club anthems or top ten stadium songs. It’s rather a documentary of the intense fusion of pop culture and football in a way it is conceivable merely in the United Kingdom. 20 years of music history, from the 60s to the 80s, meet British football fan eccentricity. Singing players or players (worshipfully) sung about: Never before football has been praised so glowingly.

What is a matter of course for the British is beyond imagination for German football music fans. The artists´ musical works guide you on a twirling dancefloor onward to rough footie-related cover versions back to the Martini bar accompanied by a sensual and soul-like spy sound.

Hits and misses – so, you might forgive if sometimes brimmed enthusiasm is more distinctive than singing vocation or if you might hear Monty Python-like jabberwocky. The sleeve notes in English and German language were written by football music specialist Trevor Wilson (


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