Sam Spence – Our Man in Munich

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Sam Spence’s name is equivalent to the sound of football. His work for NFL Films and their productions for the US National Football League since 1966 meant a substantial output of music, which can also be heard in recent television shows such as “The Simpsons”, “King of Queens” and “Sponge Bob”. Based in his adopted home town Munich he also wrote music for German TV-series and movies.

This CD features both, the most groovy highlights out of about 700 titles he wrote for NFL Films, as well as the best samples of his work for German film productions and labels and even a commercial. Most of the titles for German TV series are previously unreleased and even one track he wrote for NFL Films appears here for the very first time (“Tensar”). The range of Spence’s work reaches from symphonic orchestral music over bigband swing to mainstream jazz and even synthesizer sounds. Most of the tracks on this CD are instrumentals, just the two “James Bondish” versions of “Queen of Diamonds” come with vocals. In its chronology this CD perfectly reflects the contemporary music styles of the era, from swinging jazz over funky blaxploitation to what “Kraftwerk“ stands for.

Sam Spence died on February 6, 2016.

Liner notes by Ted Ross (English and German).


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Sam Spence