Thelema – Growing (LP)


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Austria´s Thelema continue to grow and progress on their latest effort for homegrown label Cineploit Records, exploring dynamic and emotionally resonant territory with a starkly melodic sound.

Growing ventures further beyond the Portishead and Twin Peaks influences which defined the bands „Hearing the Light“ opus a couple of years ago via a dense layered and textured sound, one which incorporates female vocals, E-bow and ominous, tolling church bells alongside the band´s established sound of synth and piano heavy electronica.

Hans Jurgen is the man behind Thelema, and it´s on Growing where the man´s capabilities as a songwriter are truly rising to the forefront. There are moments here which speak largely of the man´s fascination with the cult scores to evocative cinema of the 1960´s and 70´s, particularly the Italian Giallo & Horror Film. There are even moments which mimic the showdowns of the old spaghetti west, amplified by Jurgen´s tasteful use of electric guitar.

There vibe of Growing is pensive for the most part, however, drawing comparisons perhaps to bands like Antimatter and Sigur Ros, while sounding entirely like no one else out there right now in the experimental, electronic music scenes. This is something to be commended, and certainly serves as a feather in the cap for Cineploit Records, for whom Thelema has clearly become a flagship act, a band whose potential is seemingly limitless when it comes to reinventing moody, melodic electronic music.

  • Hypnotic sound with a distinct film soundtrack atmosphere
  • Arthouse Ambient meets Europloitation
  • 180g heavy solid black Vinyl, poly lined Innersleeves
  • For Fans of Angelo Badalamenti, Portishead, Bohren & der Club of Gore

The new Album “Growing” from Thelema creates cineastic atmospheres and soundscapes by vintage instruments in combination with a haunting voice. From the first seconds on you are banned in an irresistible world where it seems like Arthouse meets Europloitation! This development is a logical shift towards a classical art of sweeping songwriting.

“Growing” is a logical development in Thelema´s musical path – dark, haunting, distinctive!

LP (180g Vinyl, polylined Innersleeves, limited 500 copies)


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