Peter Thomas Sound Orchester – Die Weibchen/Oh Happy Day/Engel, die ihre Flügel verbrennen

Music for 3 films by Zbynek Brynych (1970)

16.90   (2 CDs)

  1. Titelmusik (Die Weibchen) Peter Thomas 0:49
  2. Flucht vor den Weibchen Peter Thomas 0:46
  3. Damenwahl Peter Thomas 0:47
  4. Angels Who Burn Their Wings Peter Thomas 0:51
  5. Modern Sex Peter Thomas 0:47


Peter Thomas Sound Orchester – Die Weibchen/Oh Happy Day/Engel, die ihre Flügel verbrennen

Music for 3 films by Zbynek Brynych (1970)

Munich. Summer of 1969. In a trendy pub in Schwabing, TV producer Helmut Ringelmann makes the acquaintance of Czech director Zbynek Brynych. The producer signs him on; he is put to test with an episode of the series that currently gains Ringelmann his best audience ratings: DER KOMMISSAR. This episode becomes his impeccable debut – and when Brynych gets to film music, Ringelmann recommends not only an exceptional composer, but a congenial partner: Peter Thomas.

While OH HAPPY DAY is still a contemporary and controversial coming-of-age story, ENGEL, DIE IHRE FLÜGEL VERBRENNEN combines elements of the crime film with a rough youth drama about sex, guilt, and atonement. In DIE WEIBCHEN, Brynych then stages a grotesquely fictionalized exaggeration of emancipation. The story, constantly caught between horror movie and bizarre satire around a man-murdering women’s spa, evades any classification and flops at the box office just like both preceding films. The audience is not ready for Brynych’s dazzling dream visions, swirling camera perspectives, and chaotic, profoundly multi-layered dialogue sequences.

For OH HAPPY DAY, Peter Thomas offers a colorful portfolio of themes: from the dramatic solo piano to alienated beer garden marches up to soul tracks filled with sonic hashish and solid grooves; variety is taken care of. In contrast, for ENGEL, DIE IHRE FLÜGEL VERBRENNEN, the composer works by leitmotif: e.g. each erotic scene is accompanied by the orgiastic Modern Sex.

The action-oriented score for DIE WEIBCHEN makes its record debut!

This double cd contains the 3 scores comprising 59 tracks of which more than half are previously unreleased plus two adaptions by the Mufuti Twins from 2007. It comes with a 24-page booklet, including detailed liner notes by Christopher Klaese, presented in both English and German language, a filmography, and numerous full sized color film stills.

Once again we can now hear why Peter Thomas is called the ‘Wizard of Film Music’ – why cinema needs a man like him, why he simply belongs to the most creative soundtrack composers of his time!

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Peter Thomas





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