Sospetto – Quattro Specchi Opachi (CD)


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Actually planned as an 4 EP Set the new Sospetto album „Quattro Specchi Opachi“ turns out now to be an Deluxe Double LP Album. Each side of these records is telling an own musical story in a cinematic way to four imaginary movies. Starting with an oriental Giallo to an french erotic psycho drama, continuing with an german Horror Science Fiction Story to an american Cop Thriller, 4 different film genres are featured all set in the 70´s without ignoring the own style of Sospetto which makes this album more than a homage to the before mentioned film genres. The climax of the album is an outstanding cover of Bruno Nicolai´s wonderful track „Sabba“ allready a classic track itself. The musical journey into the past with the first effort „Segni misteriosi con il sangue dipinto sul muro“ and the second album „Non bussare alla porta del diavolo“ is herewith continued successfully with „Quattro specchi opachi“ again with a wonderful sleeve art by Marc Ewert.

  • 3rd album by this outstanding cinematic act
  • Featuring a great coverversion of Bruno Nicoali´s “Sabba”
  • For all fans of cinematic music & soundtracks, especially those devoted to the great Italian Composers
  • CD version comes in LP style wallet (Mint pack)

CD (Mint pack, limited to 500 copies)


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