Orgasmo Sonore – Revisiting Obscure Library Music (LP/CD Set)

19.90   (LP)

After doing 3 albums interpreting the music of obscure soundtracks, the transition to the Library Music world was a natural one for Orgasmo Sonore. Library Music is defined as “music especially created for films, television, radio, publicity and industrial use” on the back covers of Lesiman’s Here and Now Volume 1 & 2, which are amongst the most sought after LPs in this their category and selling for many hundreds of dollars, barely available on the collector’s market. Indeed, there is currently a lot of enthousiasm and excitement for this music “not intended for public distribution”, dug out by DJs and collectors pretending to be some kind of archeologists. It’s not a surprise that the whole interest is for a period happening between 1970 and 1985 when a myriad of artists, known and unknown, contributed to the label’s thematic catalogs under the radar of popular music. In the continuation of his work with the 3 previous records, Orgasmo Sonore is, again, acting as a curator of the obscure and unheard music, always in the right time to explore new territories. After pointing at the work of the like of Stelvio Cipriani in 2011 or Bruno Nicolai in 2013, the new “Revisiting Obscure Library Music” album offer you a carefully selected list of 12 interpretations of some of the most important composers, names like Rino de Filippi, Alessandro Alessandroni or Jean-Pierre Decerf, some of which who have already started to become mystic legends of contemporary music. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we are at the beginning of measuring the contribution of Library Music to the recent musical history. This record is a prologue for these unwritten pages. The first and only tribute of its kind.

  • Fantastic new interpretations of library music from artists like Alessandro Alessandroni, Bruno Nicolai, Rino de Filippi, Giuliano Sorgini, Piero Umiliani, Giorgio Carnini, Lesiman, Les Baxter, J-P Decerf, G. Zadj, Sauveur Mallia, Bernard Fevre and Jacky Giordano

LP/CD Set (180g Vinyl, CD in sleeve, limited to 250 copies)




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Orgasmo Sonore