Giallo come il giorno

ASM 052

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LP 22833-1

Erscheinungsdatum / date of release: 14.10.2022

Mondo Sangue

Giallo come il giorno

Amnesiac Barbara finds herself in the picturesque streets of Hamburg, unaware of her mental illness or the mayhem she has caused before. A shady hypnosis session and a local lover unearth what hides behind her innocent beauty. Once again, the urge to wreak further havoc becomes irresistible …

Only daylight exposes the true horror: GIALLO COME IL GIORNO, the fifth genre album from MONDO SANGUE picks up where the acclaimed giallo LP ROSSO COME LA NOTTE (2021) ended.

– Giallo come il giorno
– Donna senza memoria feat. Eric Pfeil
– Hypnosis feat. Dirk von Lowtzow
– Schöne fremde Frau feat. Rocko Schamoni
– Brama di morte
– Pandemonium feat. Bela B

MONDO SANGUE and their passion for the music and cinema of the Italian 1960/70s draw circles. On GIALLO COME IL GIORNO the genre lovers and and Italy connaisseurs Bela B, Eric Pfeil, Dirk von Lowtzow and Rocko Schamoni are united on black gold. The vinyl 10″ EPs, illustrated by Adrian Keindorf, are limited to 444 copies and hand-numbered, including colored insert, lyrics and download code.

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