JERRY COTTON dvd box incl. all 8 films and the Allscore soundtrack CD

JERRY COTTON DVD box including all 8 movies and Allscore's "FBI's top man" soundtrack CD.

5 years

5 years "L'isola dei Dannati"! One week special offer for Mondo Sangue's infamous debut album.

Vodka for the Queen

WODKA FÜR DIE KÖNIGIN by Zarah Leander & Peter Thomas out on MuZikBeater, the new label of Peter Thomas' son Philip.

VEGA-5 (Avventure nel Cosmo)

MONDO Sangue - VEGA-5: A loving tribute to iconic science-fiction TV shows and movies, their musical journey is thus ...

Peter Thomas Music

New Peter Thomas website has been launched!

Bruce Lee: The Big Boss (revised)

On Bruce Lee's 80th birthday the score to his first epic "The Big Boss" is released on CD and LP!

allscore Bands

Established in 1999 Allscore is a record label for artists and projects with the focus on beat, surf and lounge music as well as other peripheral areas of rock and pop music.

allscore Soundtracks

Allscore stands for extraordinary soundtrack releases and compilations, specialized in film music for European movie and tv productions of the 60s and 70s.

allscore Hoerspiel

All Score Media creates audio play serials („Hörspiele”) for a German audience, released on different labels including the in-house label Allscore.

allscore Hoerspiel

Since 1999 the one-stop agency All Score Media licences music to film, tv and advertising companies. Further fields of activity are music supervision and clearance.

allscore Publishing

Allscore Publishing takes care of artists, composers and labels in all their copyright concerns. We focus our attention on placing our catalogues in movies and commercials worldwide.

allscore Publishing

From concept to finished product: All Score Media realizes any kind of audio production like merchandise, promotional items, supplement cds or audio books.