Touch My Alien

ASM 046

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LP 16478-1

The Kilaueas

Touch My Alien

This being THE KILAUEAS’ 20 year anniversary makes it a perfect time to publish their fifth and so far most sophisticated full length album: TOUCH MY ALIEN (read: Taj Mahalian).
Released as 180g vinyl and download this record once more presents very tasty surf instrumentals in classic 60s style. The 17 tracks are enriched with THE KILAUEAS’ special sense of humor. They take us into space (“The Ace Of Space” - sic!) and, well, some other directions from Spaghetti Western to Reverb Lounge.
The LPs are limited to 500 copies, each coming with a digital download code. On the cover you can see some kind of space surfer riding his “Getaway Board”. A must have for surf fans!

The Kilaueas - The Men From M.E.N.S.C.H.


  1. Play The Ace Of Space 02:53
  2. Play K-17 02:57
  3. Play Why Do Fools Fall In Lava 02:10
  4. Play Return Of The Monkey Spy 02:24
  5. Play The Twang Files 03:14
  6. Play Minipli On Fire 02:24
  7. Play PeLangaPlopiiFaraSot 02:49
  8. Play R.F.T.P.B.T.P.O.N.R. 04:00
  9. Play The Dark Wave Smells 02:09
  10. Play Touch My Alien 02:28
  11. Play The Men From M.E.N.S.C.H. (LP version) 02:52
  12. Play La Gondola Lactasia 02:11
  13. Play Getaway Board 03:10
  14. Play Zambesi Nocturne (LP version) 03:00
  15. Play Santa Cruz 02:16
  16. Play A Song Called Horse 02:49
  17. Play Reprise 01:33


Pipeline Magazine [Winter 2018]: "This is a four-piece guitar band playing reverb surf music with a real feel for its '60s roots. Their guitar sound is great and their tunes sparkle with originality."

Frankiepoolboy [Nov. 2018]: "A new Kilaueas album is always an anticipated and warmly greeted event.  (...) This album is a blast!"

Storm Surge Of Reverb [Nov. 2018]: "It’s very listenable the whole way through and never really drags. If you’re already a Kilaueas fan I think you’ll love this. If they never did much for you, I’d give them another shot with this one."



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