Disco Volante 80

ASM 053

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LP 23155-1


Disco Volante 80

With “DISCO VOLANTE 80“ composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist BLUTHARDINO (of MONDO SANGUE fame) elevates his retro sound into completely new spheres, expanding the cinematic epicness of his band with influences of soul, funk and spacy 80s house. The result is a mainly instrumental producer debut album.
A grooving retro cocktail of the sound wizard, who once again proves an enormous feel for the sound of the 70s and 80s. Vocal support comes from indie icon FUTURE FRANZ and - for the first time in French - bandmate YVY POP.
The LP edition - printed on 180g black vinyl - is limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered, and includes a download code as well as a coloured insert with two alternative cover designs. Artwork by Russian artist Zarema Odie.

A1 Bluthardino - In space no one can hear you eat ice cream
A2 Bluthardino - Disco Volante
A3 Bluthardino & Future Franz - Urlaub auf dem Autohof
A4 Bluthardino - Jurassic Gigolo
A5 Bluthardino - Circuito Cosmico

B1 Bluthardino - Blue Sunshine
B2 Bluthardino - Computer Beach Party
B3 Bluthardino & Yvy Pop - L'amour en bas (Hommage à Jean Rollin)
B4 Bluthardino - Brain Damage Kontrol
B5 Bluthardino - (Get some) Fantasie

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