L’Isola dei Dannati

ASM 042

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LP 14759-1

Mondo Sangue

L’Isola dei Dannati

Man-eater kidnap research teams and impale virgins. Admittedly - somewhat difficult to digest - films of Italian B-movie genres are accompanied by dreamlike melodies.

"L'Isola dei dannati" – “The Island of the Damned” - takes us into the jungle and on the (almost) deserted island, accompanied by erotic rendezvous and wings with Bossa Nova a summer that should never end, until the gruesome story takes its course.

Mondo Sangue (film music composer Christian Bluthardt and singer Yvy Pop) pay a passionate tribute to the iconic music of 70s exotica and carnivore movies.

The limited (666!) handnumbered 180g vinyl edition includes a filmposter sized 42x60cm.

Illustration: Stephanie Ott und Marianna Messina


  1. Play Island of the Damned 03:24
  2. Play Stranded and Exhausted 01:19
  3. Play Living at the Beach 02:24
  4. Play Chasing Coconuts 02:07
  5. Play Love Shower 02:39
  6. Play To be the third wheel 01:52
  7. Play Beach-Party at Night / We are not Alone 02:08
  8. Play Sleepless Night 01:59
  9. Play Exploring the Jungle 01:27
  10. Play Trapped by the Cannibals 02:30
  11. Play Native Rituals 01:40
  12. Play The Chosen One / Michael?s Theme 01:17
  13. Play The Root of Consciousness 02:20
  14. Play The Intruders 01:52
  15. Play King of the Cannibals 03:00


CINEMA RETRO, Darren Allison [#42, September 2018]: "... a highly enjoyable tribute to the music of the 1970s Erotica and Carnivore movies. The music is a glorious reminder of the past and the affectionate ‘under the counter’ culture of this niche genre. It’s a beautifully produced piece of work too."

MOVIE MUSIC INTERNATIONAL, John Mansell [August 2016]: "... the music by MONDO SANGUE (Cristiano Sangueduro and Cristina Casereccia) is simply superbly retro and filled with what one would think is the sounds of the 1970’s, the attention to detail with the style, orchestration and performance of the score (if that’s what it is) is faultless. Wordless female vocals, grunting and puffing chorale sections, happy sounding la LA’s, beautiful tone poems created on light woodwinds that are enhanced by the use of harpsichord that seem to float on tranquil winds that frequent the imaginary island and also there is that definite ITALIAN SOUND present... This album which is an actual vinyl release is a must have purchase from the excellent catalogue of ALL SCORE MEDIA and if you have not got a turntable, well go and buy one right now because to miss out on this exquisite release would be tragic (it is also on Spotify) but I highly recommend the vinyl experience. Let’s put it this way if you like, FIDENCO, MORRICONE, FERRIO, NICOLAI, TROVAIOLI etc. then you will love this. Fantastic cover art makes this unmissable in any record browser."



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