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In Stereo

Subotnik? This is neither a Russian spy satellite nor an ice hockey team from Moscow. Completely wrong! Subotnik just sounds perfectly like “a musical October Revolution” (?). The official German dictionary says: ”Subotnik, the -[s],-s: (old) in former GDR work, done by volunteers with an ambitious effort.”

It’s one thing Subotnik have in common with these volunteers: Their maximum engagement in their music. For them making music just begins when others already left the stage or studio. Subotnik are a live band. At one time they were tired of all these rock and pop music stereotypes like „Stuttgart – can you hear me“ and similar clichés. They started experimenting with their equipment, incorporating some concepts of popular contemporary club music.

Although all the sounds of their instruments can be generated by a single laptop Subotnik are absolutely convinced that the original instruments sound a thousand times cooler. From now on they did what a journalist called „live music with a DJ conception“. Therefore their shows are like 2 or 3 sets rather than just a sequence of songs.

They produce as well relaxing as exciting downtempo chill-out lounge music which sometimes reminds on “Vienna-style” or sometimes sounds a bit like Moloko. These 5 musicians play with instruments from the past 40 years, like i.e. Fender Rhodes, Moog, Hohner Clavinet D6, samplers, drum computers, analogue synthesizers, guitar, bass, drums, turntables… creating their unique sound.


  1. Play Salarymen 05:30
  2. Play Picnic 05:10
  3. Play Carpenter 2000 08:32
  4. Play Unlocked (Part 1) 04:18
  5. Play Unlocked (Part 2) 03:06
  6. Play 120 Miles East 05:43
  7. Play No Next 01:57
  8. Play Kitchen Party 05:19
  9. Play Voyeur 05:28
  10. Play Check In 03:56
  11. Play Check Out 03:45
  12. Play News Hunter 01:48
  13. Play Shoping 09:27
  14. Play Music Is O.K. 11:15

PRESSE / PRESS [2004]: "these guys haven't named their group in homage to electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick - but their sound does have some elements that would have made ol' Morty pretty proud! The set's got a quirky, playful feel"

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