Star Maidens

ASM 003

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CD 9854-2

Berry Lipman & Orchestra

Star Maidens

For the first time available: sexy and funky seventies score (26 tracks) for British-German Sci-Fi Series featuring Pierre Brice, Judy Geeson, Lisa Harrow, Gareth Thomas, Derek Farr, Dawn Adams a.o. by German bandleader Berry Lipman, spiced by (German...) dialogue highlights, original sound effects and a bonustrack including several outtakes.

The TV series gets off to a start with two men escaping from planet Medusa in a ship they have stolen. After narrowly avoiding being killed when they crash-land on Earth, they appeal to the authorities to allow them asylum from the pursuing women. Adam, the force behind the escape, is a leading light in the Men’s Liberation Movement, for on Medusa everything is turned around as woman is the dominant sex, forcing all men on the planet to be servants. This situation could well be one of man’s worst innermost fears : a society ruled by women.

Quite a few questions arise from the series relating to aspects of everyday life here at this very moment in time. Namely, could a woman ever manage to make a better job of running this world than men?
Pretty much as the actresses' costumes in the TVseries Lipman's compositions are a fancy caleidoscope of 70s music: From disco-related titles to "Shaft"-a-like groovy tracks you can find everything; and not each title of this space opera is as "offensive" as "Sex World" (track 4, sung by Toni McVey). It's not always just trashy as you could expect!
The 13 episodes of this low budget series could be watched (in colour) on TV in 1976 in many countries, eg. Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, France a.o.

Follow us to Planet Medusa, hearing is believing!

Star Maidens original single from 1976.


  1. Play Star Maidens Theme 02:41
  2. Play Sex World 02:25
  3. Play Highway Patrol 01:20
  4. Play Medora Escape 02:09
  5. Play Akam On The Move 02:43
  6. Play Attention, Runaways 01:52


R. D. Larson's Soundtrax [06/2010]: "...70s music, from disco-related titles to SHAFT-like R&B grooves, with an occasional side trip into the trash galaxy with songs like “Sex World,” enthusiastically belted out by singer Toni McVey."

Film Score Monthly [09/99]: "Berry Lipman's music is part Bacharach, part Deodato, part Geoff Love, part Barry Gray and all lounge, baby!"

Score, Baby! [02/01]: "…kitsch fun that also delivers memorably funky grooves ... essential source for DJs looking for breaks. Great Disc!"

Mike Rogers, Cool & Strange Music [vol.2, no.10]: "…for enthusiasts, the curious and of course the just plain pervy this is Star Maidens. Try out this soundtrack for something that is just so different and wonderful and you’ll be outta this world" [02/01]: "…kitsch fun that also delivers memorably funky grooves ... essential source for DJs looking for breaks. Great Disc!"

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