Music of East German fairy-tale movies

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Music of East German fairy-tale movies

Even more popular as the science-fiction adventures and even more numerous as the western movies produced in the former socialist GDR the fairy-tale movies from behind the wall are still in vogue all around the world. They are probably the most significant inheritance of the (East) German Film Working Combine, “Deutsche Film AG” (DEFA).

The best actors, directors and soundtrack composers contributed to this genre for more than 40 years (1946-1992). As a result there’s been an output which can compete with the wide tradition of children’s movies in the Eastern European countries.

Classical fairy-tales of the Grimm brothers, oriental fairy tales, myths , legends or modern artificial fairy-tales – their inventive transformation into film fascinated a huge audience of all ages.Out of the variety of the DEFA fairy-tale movies some music and dialogue highlights have been digged out (in the original studios in Babelsberg), and - with great personal and technical effort – restored and remastered to be released on this CD for the first time. The range of music featured on this CD reaches from classic medieval titles with bells or flourishs of trumpets, children’s songs to more experimental Jazz and all kinds of “cross-over”, what makes listening a very entertaining amusement.

The CD comes with 12 page booklet including English and German linernotes, extensive film biographies and many coloured film stills.

CD including instrumentals, songs and some dialogue parts from the following movies:

Three Nuts for Cinderella

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Mother Holly

The Singing Ringing Tree

The Golden Goose

King Thrushbeard

Sleeping Beauty

The Brave Little Tailor

Little Red Riding Hood

The Tinderbox

The Little Magician

The Frog King

Six Go Round the World

Hans Roeckle and the Devil

Snow White and Rose Red

Bear-Skinned Man

The Devil's Three Golden Hairs

The Story Of The Goose Princess and Her Faithful Horse Falada

The Light of Love

The Prince beyond the Seven Seas

The Wooden Calf

Iron Henry


  1. Play Frau Holle
  2. Play Koenig Drosselbart
  3. Play Schneewittchen
  4. Play Das tapfere Schneiderlein
  5. Play Das singende klingende Baeumchen
  6. Play Dornroeschen
  7. Play Die goldene Gans

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