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ASM 006

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onitor label compilation

In 1999 Stuttgart-based record label "onitor" released its first vinyl longplayer, the debut album of the pretty strange post-krautrockers "Ma chérie for painting". Other unique records from artists like "Computerjockey" Hagedorn (Cologne) or San Francisco’s Checksum followed. It’s time to take a breath and cast a retrospective glance at what has happened in this time.

As a result this CD comes into existence, giving you an impression of what onitor stands for: Experimental, mostly straight and minimal house/electronica/avantgarde.

Usually as "vinyl-only" – here for once in a way on CD.

Please reflect this compilation as a 76 minutes lasting outlook on the upcoming.

Including many previously unreleased tracks and remixes!!!


01. hagedorn- pyramide

02. hagedorn- f-infection

03. hagedorn- roct (dubmix)

04. solovyev- blip (mix)

05. solovyev- dubrad

06. solovyev- roct

07. checksum- roct (paper dragons mix)

08. checksum- ascension island

09. checksum- bunch of fives

10. malte tinnus- trark punkwug

11. malte tinnus- ganz in weiß (skrrki mix)

12. joachim spieth- ganz in weiß

13. joachim spieth- miss construction (remix)

14. joachim spieth- fluchtpunkt a1

15. varga & baumann- kiss


  1. Play Pyramide 06:07
  2. Play F infection 05:41
  3. Play Roct 06:11
  4. Play Kiss 05:06


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