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Patrick Nissler

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Patrick Nissler

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July 2010: 3EME SEXE'S "Tanzen" in the July Edition of Hugo Tracks (Hugo Boss Website)!

Oct. 2009: THE PSS PSS: "tired of living in the country" CD out on Korean Feel Music label.

THE KILAUEAS: music on recent Mad Fabricators Society DVD: MFS Vol. 5.5

May 2009: BENN LIAN signs with Edition Spieth ! Belgian producer Benn Lian (Carica Deep / Affin / Coincedence) joins in the Spieth family.

New Subpublishing partner: RAMBLING RECORDS Inc.
since May 2009 Rambling takes care of Allscore Publishing titles in Japan!

(digital release, May 5, 2009, Affin)
20 tracks, presenting one dekade of Spieth's work as artist and producer.

April 2009: ELECTRIC BEATNIKS finished recording their 2nd album.

Nov. 2008: GUITAR (feat. AYAKO AKASHIBA) re-released their albums "honeysky" and "saltykisses" on Clairecords, USA.

Rework's interpretation of The Sod's "Copenhagen" live and as videoclip at "copenhagenexperience".

Since 2007 Allcore Publishing has a new partner for electronic music.


more releases:

JOACHIM SPIETH - open/slim (12", June 2008, Fassade Limited)

MUFUTI TWINS - "crooning over sperrmuell tapes" (CD, May 2008, Allscore)

V.A. - CAFE LOUNGE DOLCE BERRY ROLL (CD, Jan. 2008, S2S Japan incl. one track by Miss Claudia & Pornorama)

REWORK - pleasure is pretty (CD/LP, Nov. 2007, Pavlek/Allscore)

SAM SPENCE - "our man in Munich" (CD, Aug. 2007, Allscore)

PREMIUM CD for CARTIER Int. (CD, April 2007, The Sonic Services, incl. 1 track by Berry Lipman)

V.A. - THE MUSIC FROM THE FASHION WEEK issue 4 (CD, April 2007, Stefano Cecchi Records incl. one track by Miss Claudia & Pornorama)

(CD, April 2007, Saftkugler)

MAN VS. NATURE - "mould - mouth" (CD, April 2007, Saftkugler)

JOACHIM SPIETH - "Connect" (12", Feb. 2007, Paso Music)

V.A. -"KRAUTSURF" (CD, 2006, NPR, incl. 2 tracks by the Kilaueas)

PROMOTION CD for GLIMEX Multimedia Service GmbH (CD, Sept. 2006, Glimex, 6 tracks by Subotnik)

V.A. - "FREI" (CD, 2006, Freies Radio für Stuttgart incl. tracks by the Kilaueas and Subotnik)

"DER ROTE KAKADU - filmmusic by PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (CD, 2006, Normal)


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