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The Best of Edgar Wallace

CD / ASM 005

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The Best of Edgar Wallace

Listen to the most roaring and groovy themes from the big screen series based on the novels by Edgar Wallace. For the first time the highlights and main themes of the soundtracks which became characteristic for the German crime movies have been compiled on one CD.
The tracks recorded between 1961 and 1971 reach from the manic jazzcapades of Peter Thomas, sometimes accompanied by shouting and shooting, to the more harmonic orchestral suites of Martin Böttcher. 25 out of the 28 works on this CD have been penned by these two grand masters of German film music.
A “best of album” in the truest sense of the word.



  01. Peter Thomas: Der Hexer / The Ringer (Title)
  02. Peter Thomas: Der Hund von Blackwood Castle/The Hound Of Blackwood Castle (Title) - Vocal : Joe Quick
  03. Peter Thomas: Der unheimliche Mönch/The Terror (Title)
  04. Peter Thomas: Der Gorilla von Soho/The Monster Of Soho (Title)
  05 Peter Thomas: Der Bucklige von Soho/The Hunchback Of Soho
  06. Martin Böttcher: Die blaue Hand/The Blue Hand (Title)
  07. Nora Orlandi: Das Gesicht im Dunkeln/Double Face (Title)
  08. Martin Böttcher: Der schwarze Abt/The Black Abbot (Title)
  09. Peter Thomas: Der Zinker/The Squeaker (Title)
  10. Nora Orlandi: Soho (from Das Gesicht im Dunkeln/Double Face)
  11. Peter Thomas: Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloss/The Curse Of The Hidden Vault (Title)
  12. Peter Thomas: Theme for Lucy (from Das Verrätertor/Traitor´s Gate )
  13. Peter Thomas: Susan and Jim (from Der Gorilla von Soho/The Monster Of Soho)
  14. Nora Orlandi: The Face Of Love (from Das Gesicht im Dunkeln/Double Face)
  15. Martin Böttcher: Der Fälscher von London/The London Forger (Title)
  16. Peter Thomas: Die Tote aus der Themse/The Dead Girl From River Thames (Title)
  17. Peter Thomas: Aha! (from Das Verrätertor/Traitor's Gate) previously unreleased
  18. Peter Thomas: Walking Dandy (from Der Zinker/The Squeaker)
  19. Peter Thomas: Das Geheimnis der weißen Nonne/The Trygon Factor (Title)
  20. Martin Böttcher:Der Mönch mit der Peitsche/The Monk With The Whip (Title)
  21. Peter Thomas: The Hump (from Der Bucklige von Soho/The Hunchback Of Soho
  22. Peter Thomas : Sitar Cha-Cha (from Im Banne des Unheimlichen)
  23. Peter Thomas: The Space Of Today (from Im Banne des Unheimlichen) Vocal: Lil Lindfors
  24. Peter Thomas: Der Mann mit dem Glasauge/The Man With The Glas Eye (Title)
  25. Peter Thomas: Hit Him Where It Hurts (from Der Bucklige von Soho/The Hunchback Of Soho)
  26. Peter Thomas: Bossa For Jane (from Der Hund von Blackwood Castle)
  27. Peter Thomas: Nora (from Der Mann mit dem Glasauge/The Man With The Glass Eye)
  28. Martin Böttcher: Das Gasthaus an der Themse/The Inn At River Thames (Title)





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