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Mufuti Twins

CD / ASM 027

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feat.: Peter Thomas, Gerhard Heinz, Joachim Ewen & more

What?! This was produced in 2008? But it sounds like original Seventies music! Well, yes – true – the instrumental recordings of the orchestra and band are indeed from the Seventies. The Mufuti Twins found some tapes in a pile of bulky waste ("sperrmuell") on the pavement. And that’s where the quite unusual story of this CD production begins.

Christopher Kochs and Markus Mehr, the Mufuti Twins, salvaged these mysterious tapes and started rearranging the recordings in their studio. Christopher Kochs wrote some lyrics and sang them in a perfect crooner and entertainer’s voice and the Mufutis together added percussion, guitar, backing vocals and harmonica – all newly edited and remastered.
During the almost archeological and detective process of establishing the legal rights of their “treasure”, the Mufutis got in contact with two indisputable heroes of Seventies movie soundtracks well-known to many Germans – Peter Thomas (“Space Patrol”, “Edgar Wallace”) and Gerhard Heinz (“Schoolgirl Report”). Both were thrilled by the Mufutis’ project and provided them with some of their own compositions – to be reused and treated in genuine “Mufuti style” as Peter Thomas puts it.
The secret of the Mufuti Twins’ working method lies in the stylistically confident choice of the music titles and also, undoubtedly, in the fact that the Seventies sound of the original tapes with their contemporary composition style were left untouched and therefore safe from stylistic “adulteration”. The existing material was carefully handled, developing it from instrumental soundtrack to nonchalant entertainer-songs.
And the rich resource of the six-page digipak comes with the same style and confidence.



Darrell Brogdon, The Retro Cocktail Hour (Kansas Public Radio) [30.06.2008]: "I really enjoyed it.
It's just like watching a 70s movie!"

a-guide [06/07 2008]: "15 Crooning-Hits"

Jazzthing: "Kochs sings in best, slightly romantic crooner manner to muggy music, taking a deep bow to swing, Burt Bacharach and Henri Mancini."

Stereo [Nr. 8/2008]: "The Mufuti Twins beam us back in the 70s where happy feel good songs between easy listening, softporn score and swing – in the original sound! – await us! Great idea!"

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung [29.06.2008]: " Frank Sinatra’s illegitimate children..."

babysue [Sept. 08]: "...strangely realistic Tom Jones-ish vocals. The idea works."



01. Love is just a word (Frank Mantis) 2:21
02. Dancing with a barrel of a gun (Peter Thomas) 2:30
03. Girl on the tree (Gerhard Heinz)
04. Gat to be mine (Chris Baden)
05. The best is yet to come (Gerhard Heinz) 2:27
06. You killed that beast in me (Gerhard Heinz) 3:56
07. Let's turn the world around (Gerhard Heinz) 2:37
08. Everything (Georg Schwenk)
09. Easy going freak (Gerhard Heinz) 2:32
10. Happy (Peter Thomas)
11. Beautiful (Helmut Reinhardt)
12. When my time is up (Haensch/Ewen)
13. Sorry but I don`t (Bert Petri)
14. Cold goodbye (Peter Thomas)
15. Suspicious man (live) (Gerhard Heinz) 3:58

The original recordings are from the following movies:

2.) Little Women (G., 1970)
3.) Bed-Partners (A., 1971)
5.) Melody in Love (A., 1978)
6.) The Naked Countess (A., 1971)
9.) Bathtime in Bangkok (G., 1976)
10.) Seventeen and Anxious (G., 1970)
14.) Jack of Diamonds (G./GB, 1967)
15.) Island of 1000 Delights (A., 1978)




"Gat to be mine"

"Dancing with a barrel of a gun"



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