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The Kilaueas Profesor Volcanova

CD / ASM 022
LP / ASM 022-LP

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Profesor Volcanova

Reverb Drenched Magmaphonic High Energy Instrumental Surf Music

Following up their two official albums "Magmanautic Inferno" (Kamikaze, 2001) and "Mundaka Calls" (Double Crown, 2003), several demo cds and compilations (e.g. in Japan and the USA), the Kilaueas released their master stroke: „Profesor Volcanova“.
This cd/lp erupts in 13 selfcomposed titles and 4 cover versions. The Kilaueas bring the whole variety of instrumental surf-music to listener’s ears: High-energy surf-crushers and spy-fi sounds as well as atmospheric tunes. Their enthusiasm for Spaghetti Western movies resulted in the abundant „El Hombre Invisible“, a perfect soundtrack for a remake of “Django”.
Live, with a fire spitting model of Hawaii’s „Kilauea“ volcano and solely original 60s gear on stage, they are a wild and dancable spectacle. This has been proven in hundreds of concerts since 1998 (e.g. with “The Apemen”, “The Bambi Molesters”, “The Stingrays”, “Sugarmen Three”,…)

Bombastico retro comic art cover for cd und lp.
The limited lava-colored vinyl emerges by the confluence of different color-streams during the pressing. So each vinyl is a unique copy!


The Kilaueas LIVE



Pipeline [Autumn '05]: "They have the sound, they have the arrangements and they most certainly have the drive to effect some very tasty surf instrumentals in classic 60s style."

New Gandy Dancer [09/05]: ""Lots of spunky clean yet driving surf guitar on material that really moves… also the reverb surf dripping slower exotica…to contend with on an album full of surprises."

Reverb Central: Phil Dirt's great detailed review (5/5 stars) (just ignore the wrong label credit...)


01. Space Echoid
02. Bernard Of Hollywood
03. The Man From E.N.I.G.M.A
04. Stranded
05. Clark Nova vs. Martinelli
06. Desert Glow
07. The Kilauea Stomp
08. El Hombre Invisible
09. Jungle Boo
10. Taiga Tiki
11. Blue Drag
12. The Jester
13. Catharsis
14. Catalina
15. Volcanova
16. Tunguska Blast!
17. Solitune




Tiki Oasis 2014, San Diego

Tiki Oasis 2014, San Diego (#3:56)

Huntington Beach, CA, 2014

Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2012




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